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Are you a do-it-yourself type of person and looking for fishing reel repair parts?

There are tons of fishing reel repair services out there looking for your business. Why not cut out that middle man and fix your own fishing reels?

Finding your own fishing reel replacement parts, and repairing your fishing reels yourself, will save you some of your hard earned money. And it's really not that hard. Depending on what part(s) of the reel needs to be replaced, just a little bit of time, and sometimes patience, is all it takes.

What usually happens when you take your broken reels to a professional service technician? Well, more than likely they might charge you for:

  • the time and labor
  • the cost of the parts (sometimes more)
  • shipping fees
  • cleaning and lubricant material fees
  • and who knows what else

Tips When Replacing Fishing Reel Parts

You obviously admire your fishing reel enough to want to fix it. Either that, or it had cost you a whole lot of money just to throw it out and buy a new replacement reel. What better way to show your pride for your fishing reel than to repair it yourself?

But wait, before you begin forking out more money on replacement parts, have you checked the warranty status on that thing? Most fishing reels are often warrantied anywhere from a few months, while some have a manufacturers lifetime warranty. First, I would recommend checking into the store where you purchased the reel from to find out about their return policy - you just might get lucky there.

You might even be able to find fishing reel repair parts, replacements and cool upgrades at Bass Pro Shops. Bass Pro Shops is authorized to perform factory warranty repairs at no charge to you.

One other quick tip that I would like to point out. Since you are already replacing repair parts on your fishing reel, it could be a good idea to go ahead and perform the necessary preventive maintenance of cleaning and lubing it. Shine that baby up! This is almost common sense stuff, and I'm sure that you already had planned on it I hope.

Shopping For Fishing Reel Replacement Parts

What kind of fishing reel are you searching replacement parts for?

  • Standard Reels
  • Baitrunners
  • Advanced Lever Drags
  • Single Speed
  • Two Speed
  • Intenational or Non-International

Why does it matter? Parts vary depending on the kind of reel, the manufacturer brand, and where they are shipped from. Therefore, a fishing reel service technician will also charge accordingly as well, and that's if you are still considering sending your reel to a repair shop.

When looking for fishing reel repair parts, a part number should be able to help you out best. You should be able to find the part number by looking at the schematics in your owners manual, or take a look on the manufacturers website.

Speaking of which, here are a few of the top fishing reel manufacturers:

Abu Garcia


Ugly Stik

Buying Replacement Parts For Fishing Reels

Ebay is a great place to find parts for fishing reels. You can find some excellent deals cheaper than you would from conventional shopping methods.

As touched on above, use the search box to locate specific parts that you are looking for. Whether you need bearings, gears, spools, handles, washers, caps, knobs, covers, pins,...

This link will take you to Ebay's Daily Deals page.

Quick Tip: If your freshwater fishing reel is an older model with discontinued parts, you can try looking for that same model reel to buy from Ebay, Craigslist, antique dealers, or even garage sales, and then use that one for parts as needed.

Mike's Reel Repair out of Canada has a huge selection of parts, including vintage and some hard to find rare items. They also provide custom repair services as well.

I receive a ton of questions regarding where to find replacement parts and such for all types of fishing reels. For example, one of our website visitors sent in a question asking about a recommendation for a Replacement Fishing Reel For D.A.M. Quick 330 Spin Cast (answered with my top 4 recommended replacement spinning reels).

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