Best Pflueger Fly Fishing Reels Reviews

Pflueger fly fishing reels are among the most popular brands of fly reels in the fishing tackle industry today.

Pflueger fly reels weren't the first in fly fishing reel production, but they certainly are one of the best.

The Pflueger Medalist fly reel first appeared in a catalog in 1931. The patent for it was applied in 1928. It was then accepted in September of 1930. So, to production they went for all the world to enjoy.

Since it's inception to the fly fishing world, it has gained popularity among millions of fly fishermen who have used these reels over the years and continue to fish with them to this day. The older models have also grabbed the attention and respect of many vintage tackle collectors.

Pflueger Fly Fishing Reel

As of to date, the 5 Pflueger fly reel models being produced for the market are:

  • Automatic
  • Medalist
  • President
  • Purist
  • Trion

Top Selling Plueger Fly Reels on Amazon

1.) Plueger 1195X Automatic Fly Reel

This fly reel is simple to operate and virtually worrisome free. You work hard enough as it is. So, why not play smart?

The sweet aspect this has is a line trigger that automatically winds in the line for you with just a quick pull, which helps eliminate the hassle and stress of loose line and irritating tangles.

Follow the link for product specification details and pricing...

Pflueger 1195X Automatic Fly Reels (Up to 8 Fly Line)

2.) Plueger Purist Graphite Fly Reel

The Purist fly reel is pure in every sense of the word. It's a great bargain, light weight and performs smoothly. Although it is priced fairly cheap and proven to be excellent for a beginner fisherman, the quality of this reel will surely impress many experienced fly fishing masters.

Perhaps that is why this is such a hot seller. And not to mention the extras that come with it...

Pflueger Purist Graphite Fly Reel (Up to 7 Fly Line)

3.) Plueger Trion Fly Reel

The Trion is a tremendously beautiful well made angling machine. The craftsmanship is seemingly flawless, as well as it's smooth casting and sensational performance. It is equipped with a comfortable rosewood handle with the ability to convert the reel for left hand or right hand uses.

There are plenty of great reviews of folks raving over this model for it's design, performance and affordable price. Check to find the best prices around for the Trion fly fishing reel...

Pflueger Trion Fly Reel, (Up to 10 Fly Line)

Best Pflueger Fly Reel For The Beginner

Pflueger Fly Rod and Reel Combo Kit

This fly rod and reel combo kit is excellent for the beginner just getting started with fly angling. It contains everything one would need to get out on the water and learning how to fly fish right away.

  • The rod is a 3 piece, 8 foot blank with a cork grip handle.
  • It has a 1094 metal rim control Pflueger fly reel.
  • It contains 25 yards of level fly line, with 50 yards of braided dacron backing line, and 7 and a ½ feet of 4X tapered leader.
  • It comes with a variety of flies, including a knot tying instruction guide.

Pflueger Fly Kit, 8-Feet

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More information about Pflueger such as history, news, customer service inquiries like warranty and service questions, catalogs, and even special promotions, can all be located from their about Pflueger page on their website.

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