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Recent Articles

  1. Rend Lake Catfish Guides

    Jan 30, 17 11:14 PM

    Rend Lake Catfish Guides is a catfishing guide service in Southern Illinois. Hogging, Noodling, Hand Fishing, whatever you want to call it, we have you

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  2. Catfish Handfishing Pictures And Stories

    Jan 29, 17 01:22 PM

    Assortment of catfish handfishing pictures and exciting stories about how they pulled their fish out of holes in the ponds, lakes, and rivers.

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  3. Freshwater Fish Recipe Cookbooks, Shellfish And Saltwater Seafood

    Jan 18, 17 02:10 PM

    Enjoy eating seafood? Sweet! Recommendations of some of the best fish recipe cookbooks. Love cooking fish, or want to learn how to make some great tasting fish dishes, a recipe book will be inspiring.

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  4. Serial Number Location On 1967-1969 DAM Quick 550

    Dec 30, 16 11:11 AM

    Hello. I've had an old DAM Quick 550 reel in storage for 25 years. I recently took it completely apart and cleaned all of the internal parts. (It was

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  5. Minecraft Fishing Tips, Tricks And Facts

    Dec 23, 16 10:29 AM

    Complete guide for Minecraft fishing. How to catch fish easier and faster. Fishing rod crafting recipe. What enchantments to use and why.

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  6. Trilene Knot Tying Instructions And Improved Modified Version

    Jun 22, 16 03:51 PM

    Trilene Knot is an easy fishing knot to learn how to tie. Tying fishing line to hooks, swivels and lures. Step-by-step guide with pictures. Double loop through the eye, one extra than a clinch knot.

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  7. Summer Crappie Fishing - 3 Hot Tactics For Warm Weather Crappies

    Jun 17, 16 03:57 PM

    Summer crappie fishing can be quite tough for most fishermen. Innovative summertime crappie tips with new and different techniques for catching stubborn panfish during the hootest days of the year.

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  8. Crappie Fishing Techniques With Tips And Tricks

    Jun 17, 16 03:48 PM

    It's show time folks! Set out for your favorite freshwater fishing spot and apply these crappie fishing techniques if you wish to have many successful outings on the water. It requires a bit of skill

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  9. Hot Summer Bluegill Fishing Tips And Techniques

    Jun 15, 16 05:56 PM

    What are things to consider for awesome summer bluegill fishing? Where are the best hot spots and locations to catch these beautiful sunfish in any freshwater fishing body of water?

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  10. Bluegill Bait Options - Live Insects And Artificial Lures

    Jun 15, 16 05:53 PM

    What are some, if not the best bluegill baits to use for catching these little powerhouse panfish? They will bust on a variety of sunfish style baits that you toss out, within reason of course.

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  11. 7 Pound Delta Toad

    May 28, 16 02:41 PM

    I caught this largemouth bass on a frog which made it 100 times more exciting! She got all wrapped up in red leaf so it wasn't until I got her in the boat

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  12. Flambeau Tackle Box - Organized Storage For Your Fishing Gear

    May 02, 16 03:44 PM

    Need of a little organization for your fishing tackle? A Flambeau tackle box might be just what you could be looking for. A variety of sizes and options of tackle boxes to cater to your preferences.

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  13. 1977 Northern New Jersey Pond Smallmouth Bass

    Apr 10, 16 11:49 AM

    Fishing at the usual pond spot as a 13 year old kid during a gray spring chilly day. No bites for about 2 hours. It started drizzling, then 2 casts for

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  14. Catching Catfish On Crankbaits - Fishing With Artificial Lures

    Mar 07, 16 03:52 PM

    Have you ever caught catfish on a crankbait? On purpose or by accidental dumb luck? Check out the technique I used. Know how to catch a lake stocked channel whiskerfish with a hard body swim bait.

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  15. Bass Recipes - Mouthwatering, Tasty Largemouth And Smallmouth Fish

    Mar 06, 16 04:26 PM

    Delicious bass recipes for a nice meal, or cook up an awesome shoreline lunch on your boating or camping trip. Can also be swapped for other types of fresh lean fish. Bacon fried and oven baked.

    Continue reading...

  16. Eel Recipes - Freshwater Unagi Don - BBQ And Pan Cooked

    Mar 02, 16 03:26 PM

    How to cook fresh eel? Recipes with robust flavors for cooking freshwater American and Japanese unagi. Grilled on the barbecue, and poached in white wine garlic herb sauce, served with rice.

    Continue reading...

  17. Best Salmon Recipes For Cooking Fish Like A Chef

    Feb 23, 16 02:53 PM

    Looking for delicious salmon recipes? Tasty recipe ideas for salmon to fire up. Favorite freshwater fish recipes like smoked appetizers, stuffed baked potato, mango grilled plank, broiled.

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  18. Old Fishing Rods - Collecting Older Freshwater Fishing Poles

    Feb 22, 16 01:42 PM

    Old fishing rods value is determined by craftsmanship, quality, rarity, supply and demand. Shopping tips to add to the collection of antique and vintage tackle. Restore or donate older gear.

    Continue reading...

  19. Perch Recipes - Sensational Fresh Lake And Ocean Fish

    Feb 14, 16 01:42 PM

    These perch recipes are often pan fried, and can be baked on the oven. Whole perch is great for obtaining most of it's natural fresh flavors. Herb crusted fillets, and pan seared with butter sauce.

    Continue reading...

  20. Your Biggest Catfish Pictures - Personal Best Catfish Photos

    Feb 14, 16 12:13 PM

    A compilation of biggest catfish pictures and stories sent in by freshwater fishing catfishing enthusiasts. Share your big catfish photos too.

    Continue reading...

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