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Don't get it twisted, this is not a bed and breakfast joint. We are all about Freshwater Fishing. This is the ultimate place where fishermen, women, kids and enthusiasts alike join together for a common purpose...

To have a blast out on the water while trying to catch anything with fins that swims!

Father and Daughter Fishing on a Boat Little Girl Posing with her Trout Fish Father and Son with a Laremouth Bass
Little Kid with his Big Largemouth Bass Huge Salmon Caught by Father, Son and Daughter combo Kid with His Big Largemouth Bass

Do you want to make sure your next freshwater fishing trip is an amazing one to remember? Of course you do, right? Fishing is a lot more fun when you're catching fish. And it's also about the memories and stories you gather from each trip.

Holding up a Largemouth Bass High To The Sky

With the collection of our personal experience, professional advice and extensive research, we have been developing this website to help give you a better experience with your fishing adventures.

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Fishing Social Media SitesThere are tons of great things to discover on our Freshwater Fishing website. This section is dedicated to keep you up-to-date with us and other cool stuff world wide.

You can follow up with us on our Fishing Blog, Facebook and Twitter. We also tend to save some of our juicy stuff exclusively for our Newsletter subscribers.

GETTING STARTED       Info | Basics | Bait | Knots | Rigging

Texas Rig For FishingThis is the place for beginner fishermen new to the great sport of freshwater fishing, and for experienced anglers wanting to freshen up on a few fishing tips.

Learn how to get rigged up with classic favorites such as the Texas rig or the deadly wacky rig. And then bang out some awesome tactics at your favorite lake or secret pond.

FISHING       Bluegill | Catfish | Crappie | Largemouths | Smallies | Stripers

A Family Freshwater Fishing On A BoatStalk your favorite freshwater fish species and rip some lips! Have a blast hooking into some spunky fighting panfish, or battle it out with some water-thrashing bass.

Check out some cool tips and techniques for catching big bass. Perhaps you're daring enough to go noodling for catfish to let those whiskerfish take a bite into you.

IN THE KITCHEN       Preparation | Cooking | Recipes

Pan Roasted Striped Bass Fish RecipesGot fish? Learn how to clean and fillet your own fish. Then toss it over a flame and eat it.

Use a variety of cooking techniques for your freshly caught fish. Discover different methods of grilling fish. And fire up some gourmet fish recipes, such as this pan roasted striped bass in the picture.

EQUIPMENT       Rods | Reels | Lures | Boxes | Books

Fishing Tackle BagWe provide important tips and reviews for selecting the right fishing gear for your needs.

Get tips for choosing the best polarized fishing sunglasses, and reviews on fishing rod cases. We even offer recommendations for fishing books, magazines, video games, and DVD's which also include our most popular bass fishing videos.

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Largemouth Bass Caught Kayak FishingCheck out contributions sent in by our visitors just like you. You can share your own cool stuff, add comments to other submissions, and give them a rating.

Show off your bass fishing pictures, submit a fish recipe, or post a review on a fishing book or magazine that you've read.

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