Freshwater Fishing Reels
Reviews For Selecting A High Quality Reel

There are basically 5 freshwater fishing reels to choose from.

The type of fishing reel that you should use will depend on the kind of fishing that you will be doing.

Factors include the size of fish you'll be targeting, as well as the size, weight and style of rigs you'll be using, and the methods and techniques that you'll be employing.

Matching your reel correctly with the proper fishing rod is just as important.

When choosing the appropriate rod and reel, consider this...

  • Are you planning on soaking bait, casting lures, or trolling?
  • Do you plan on fishing in a lake, stream, creek, pond, or river?
  • From the bank, wading in a stream, or in a boat?

The following guides will help arm you with better knowledge of each type of freshwater reel so that you have a greater understanding about them and what purposes they serve...

The Five Basic Freshwater Fishing Reels

Each freshwater reel has it's own purpose, although some are more versatile.

To help give you a better understanding for what reel matches up best with different styles of fishing, we have listed them with in-depth explanations of what each is capable of doing.

Baitcasting ReelsBaitcasting Reels Fly ReelsFly Reels Open Face Spinning ReelsSpinning Reels
Underspin ReelsUnderspin Reels Closed Faced Spincast ReelsSpincast Reels Reviews for Fishing ReelsShare Your Reviews

About fishing rod and reel combos

If you are a beginner just starting out, then a rod and reel spinning combo should be a great choice.

Inexpensive spincast combinations are often sold to mainly cater to young children. However, these reels have been becoming more popular with older crowds and experienced fishermen.

Overall, it depends on the type of fishing in which you will be doing to find the right set-up to match your needs. And of course, your budget. Good combos can last a lifetime when properly taken care of.

Fishing Reel Selection Reviews

Take your time to read through our articles outlining the various types of fishing reels. Our purpose is to assist you with discovering as much useful information during the process of selecting and maintaining the best fit for you. I'm sure that you may even discover a few tips that you may have otherwise previously overlooked.

By evaluating your options here, you shall be able to make a better decision from many of the aspects and considerations listed.

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Freshwater Fishing Reels


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