Collecting Tips and Shopping Guide for
Vintage Fishing Rods

Fishing pole collectors have a great appreciation for old vintage fishing rods. Just as long as they are well made and properly taken care of.

In case you're wondering what constitutes as a vintage rod...

Vintage fishing poles are items that are defined as being at least 40 years or older.

However, they should also hold a certain standard to accompany value. They must be constructed very well with excellent attention to detail, possess character, beauty and appreciation with the test of time.

Without the certain degree of quality, beauty, value and a demand,... well, then it's just another old fishing rod.

On the other hand, there does come a point where a vintage rod is more that just vintage,... much more. After a certain amount of tested time, those vintage rods become classified as antique fishing rods. Now that's where big time collectors separate the boys from the men.

A whole bunch of old fishing rods - photo credit by Tom TrentA Big Collection of Old Vintage Fishing Rods

Finding Vintage Fishing Rods

There are so many places to find vintage poles to add to your collection... attics, basements, second hand stores, antique shops, antique dealers, flea markets, yard sells, estate sells, Craigslist, auction websites, classifieds, friends or family.

You just need to keep your eyes peeled. Gather contacts and generate friendships within the vintage collector community. Folks are always bound to come across things that you like or are looking for, and should give you a call when they do.

Top Name Brands of Vintage Rod Builders

Some of the top brand makers of vintage rods to look out for would be:

Lyle Dickerson
H.L. Leonard
Charlie Jenkins
Wright and McGill
Goodwin Granger
Thomas and Thomas

Hardy Brothers
Walton Powell
Charles F. Orvis
Homer Jennings
Mike Clark

Of course there are plenty more great rod makers from the vintage days, but this should give you a good start if you're new to collecting new, old, vintage and antique fishing tackle.

Shopping For Vintage Era Fishing Rods

Ebay is a great online auction resource to search and buy new and used stuff. Give them a shot to find some vintage rods, and even other cool fishing equipment that might interest you.

Good luck and I hope you find some cool things to add to your collection.

Find vintage fishing rods here.

Here are some inspiring books with information about collecting antique and vintage rods.

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