Where do buffalo fillets come from?

by Zona

Zona's Question:

I would like to know where the buffalo fillets come from on the fish.

We eat buffalo ribs all the time (from the fish) and the person we get them from always gives me the rest of the fish, but it is filled with tiny bones. He told us it could be pressure cooked and the bones can be eaten and the meat used like tuna.

So where do the fillets come from?

Jason's reply:
Well Zona, the fillets come from the main body on each side of the fish. They are cut away from the fish along the dorsal line, as close as possible to the bone structures of the rib cage and dorsal.

To get a better understanding, you may want to have a look at this fish filleting video. It'll show exactly how and where the fillets are cut and come from. (You'll just have to wait a few seconds through the advertisement before the actual video starts.)

You mentioned that you eat "buffalo ribs" all the time. Because you said the fish is filled with tiny bones, then I assume you must be talking about the species of fish known as buffalo fish. But, could you help clarify to be certain?...

Some folks might think it means that you are eating the rib meat sections from the species of fish known as buffalo fish. Or, it could mean that you are eating the fish rib sections with the special buffalo hot sauce, just like buffalo style chicken wings.

I'm sure that some people even enjoy having their species of buffalo fish cooked and eaten buffalo wing style. It sounds tasty to me.

Just for kicks, we have a couple buffalo fish recipes that cater to both styles mentioned just above.

Hope this helps answer your question. If there's anything else related to this, feel free to ask here.


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