How To Tie The Trilene Knot

The Trilene Knot is an easy fishing knot to learn how to tie for beginner fishermen.

This is an excellent knot for tying fishing line to hooks, swivels and lures. And has a strength of 90%.

One of the things that I like about the trilene fishing knot is that it requires a double loop through the eye of the hook, which gives me confidence of its strength. The extra loop is also the only difference between it and the clinch knot.

This a step-by-step guide for tying this fishing knot. Immediately following, you'll see an additional easy tip for a subtle improved modification for perhaps a slightly stronger knot.

Trilene Knot Tying Instructions

Steps For Tying The Trilene:

1. Insert the tag end through the hole, and repeat with another pass to form a double loop.

Be sure you pass through enough line to work with for the knot, about 6 to 10 inches should be fine.

Form a double loop for the trilene knot illustrations

2. Begin wrapping the tag end around the main line.

Forming the Trilene Knot Pictures

3. Complete about 5 turns around the standing line. The turns should be wrapped moving away from the hook.

About 5 Wraps Tying the Trilene

4. Pass the tag end back down and through the double loop that was formed at the eye of the hook.

How To Tie The Trilene Fishing Knot

5. Pull the tag end to tighten and snug the knot. As always, be sure to moisten the knot when cinching it down. And clip the tag end.

Trilene Knot Tying Instructions

So there it is, the trilene fishing knot! Wasn't that easy?

But wait, don't you want to make it a little better? Of course, right? All it takes is one quick modification... well actually, just on simple extra step before cinching down the knot.

Improved Trilene Fishing Knot

6. Following step number 4, and before cinching the knot tight, pass the tag end back around through the loop that was just created when you passed it through the double loop.

Tying The Improved Trilene Knot Illustrations Pictures

7. Moisten and pull the ends to snug tight. Snip the tag end.

Improved Trilene Fishing Knot, How To Tie InstructionsImproved Trilene Fishing Knot

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