Top Water Bass Fishing Pond Weed Suggestions?

by Nathan
(Louisiana, United States)

I have a pond that has nothing in it. I plan on stocking the pond, and adding grass and underwater structure. My idea is to have this a bass fishing pond for top water fishing. Grass on the top of the water covering the whole pond perfect for a top water frog, but I don't know what grass to add. Any suggestions?

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Comments for Top Water Bass Fishing Pond Weed Suggestions?

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Top Water Pond Weeds
by: Jason

Hey Nathan,

When I think of topwater fishing, especially with frog lures, the first thing that immediately comes to mind are lily pads.

Lily Pads are also known as water lilies. The 2 general types are the yellow lily pad and the white lily pad. They provide shade to help prevent algae blooms, while simultaneously keeping the water aerated.

But most importantly for you, and all of us other fishermen, the pads provide cover for those bass before ambushing their prey.

Illinois Pondweed would be another great topwater bass fishing vegetation to have in a pond. It's also know as the "cabbage weed".

It's rooted, and has lance shaped underwater leaves, and oval shaped floating leaves. The clusters help shield fish from sight, making a prime environment to toss out some poppers and frog lures.


Both of these plants can become invasive if not properly controlled. The plant population overgrowth will cut off the light and oxygen from other plants and the fish, therefore killing them off.

Annual treatments and/or spot treatments as needed with an herbicide should be sufficient.

Hope this helps you out some ideas moving forward with creating your topwater bass fishing pond structure system.

Best of luck,

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