Rainbows In The Mud

by Joseph Miller
(Clinton, PA 15026)

Muddy Water Rainbow Trout

Muddy Water Rainbow Trout

When you love to fish and don't get as many opportunities as you like, sometimes you have to fish in less than the best conditions. I was planning a trip to my favorite stream this spring and once I got there, I saw that the water was high, muddy and fast... not what I was hoping for.

I spent the first couple hours trying my predetermined plan of attack to no avail in the muddy water conditions. I decided it was time to adapt and changed to some Berkley bright red power worms.

I started drifting them under a float in side eddies, back waters, and any area where there was some kind of current break.


Fishing the slower water, the scent dispersed from the power bait plus the bright color, was enough to entice the 6 pounder in the photo and 8 other really nice rainbows that day. I released all of them to be caught another day.

Moral of the story: Fish when you can. Screw the conditions. If there are fish present, they can be caught regardless of the conditions, as long as you are willing to adapt and overcome.

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