Mr. Crappie Signature Series Rods, Reels, Lines, Floats, Rigs and Hooks

Mr. Crappie specializes in the finest crappie fishing tackle available. Their products are designed to target just one species of fish in mind... Crappie.

With a straight forward approach to concentrate solely on a single type of fish, one is able to become a master in developing the best possible equipment for that niche.

Take, for example, the man behind Dyson vacuum cleaners. He spent an entire year straight with tinkering around in search of developing a better vacuum. His hard work and dedication has paid off big time with rolling out one of the most unique designs for a vacuum cleaner.

It has been said that if people passionately study something long enough, even for just an hour a day for about a year, then they eventually will become a master of that subject.

The Legend of Wally Marshall

Wally Marshall is no exception either. Wally is the Hall of Fame crappie angler behind the designs and creations of the popular series of Mr. Crappie fishing tackle. His passion, hard work and dedication for the sport of crappie fishing has proven successful for him. And now we get the opportunity to benefit with his signature series of superior crappie tackle.

Marshall won his first, actually the first ever, professional crappie tournament held in the great state of Texas back in 1987. He has had many other great achievements since then. Such as numerous tournament qualifications, and many which led to tournament wins.

Along the way, he has helped design and create some of the greatest crappie fishing equipment available for all crappie fishermen, women and kids to enjoy. They supply a variety of high quality products to support any level of an anglers' skill set.

Mr Crappie Panfish Fishing Tackle

So, what kind of freshwater fishing tackle do they make for us crappie dudes and dudettes? Glad you asked. After all, that's really the reason why you're here, right? Okay already...

Their light and ultra-light crappie fishing equipment includes signature rods, reels, rod and reel combos, fishing lines, floats and bobbers, hooks and ready to fish rigs.

Most Popular Mister Crappie Rods and Reels

They have a wide array of rods and reels such as the Tuxedo Black designed with the Lews brand. They also have the awesome Laser signature series of exceptional rods and reels. These include specialty rods and reels to accommodate your favorite freshwater fishing crappie tactics like bait casting, finesse fishing, jigging, spinning, trolling or spider rigging.

Mister Crappie Terminal Fishing Tackle

Their terminal tackle also comes in a variety of options too. There's different types of fishing lines with multiple pound test strengths, different sizes and styles of floats, a great selection of attracting lures to choose from, and sharp hooks such as the progressive cam-action fine wire hooks which come in value packs or already pre-snelled rigged and ready to fish.

Start Catching Crappie

Are you ready to rock and roll? Get your hands on some of the best crappie catching tackle available today...

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