It's Not A Hog, But A Decent Bass For Small Illinois Pond

by Bobby Barnard
(Naperville, Ill.)

Illinois Pond Largemouth Bass

Illinois Pond Largemouth Bass

Caught this largemouth bass on a Culprit worm, dark purple with a white tail.

The pond is in Illinois no bigger than an olympic size swimming pool, but holding some good bass.


In response to the Illinois pond largemouth bass:

Nice fish Bobby. Thanks for sharing your catch.

It seems that most small ponds don't produce very big lunkers, unless it is well managed and maintained of course. At most of the ponds that I fish at, I would be really surprised to see anything over 5 or 6 pounds to be pulled out of the water.

So, I definitely agree with you that the largemouth bass you're holding there in the picture is of decent size for being a pond fish.

Culprit makes a really nice curly tail worm, which are a blast to fish with. Just in case any of you fishermen out there are curious, you can find the purple and white color hereculprit worms to purchase your own. It's under the color code item #77 Grape/White Tail.

By the way, here are some pond fishing techniques and tactics that I sometimes like to use. It's nothing extraordinary, but there might be few tips that an angler with any level of experience might be able to pick up on.

Thanks again Bobby. Good luck freshwater fishing and keep slaying those Illinois pond bass! I look forward to seeing more of your fishing pictures and stories.

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