I Got The Creek Monster

by "Peaches" Sharon Smith
(Philadelphia, PA USA)

Wissahickon Creek Monster Rainbow Trout

Wissahickon Creek Monster Rainbow Trout

On Mother's Day, Dad and his brother Uncle Fred went to Wissahickon Creek in Valley Green (Chestnut Hill) Philadelphia, Pa.

Now Dad was fishing at one hole, and Uncle Fred was in another hole not far. So I casted one rod in Uncle Fred’s hole, and casted my second rod in Dad’s hole. I let my rods sit as I was running back and forth between both holes, checking on my Dad and Uncle while checking on my rods.

As I was coming down the hill in Uncle Fred’s hole I thought I saw my rod jump a little, but when I go down to the rock it was on, the rod was still.

My uncle was having problems putting the bait on his rod so my attention went to help him out.

When I finished I decided to bring my line in and see if any bait was still on it since it had been sitting for a while. When I picked up my rod and gave a little tug to start reeling the line in, the rod bent almost in half. I began yelling to Dad & Uncle Fred, "I got something on my line!"

As I was reeling the line in it felt heavy then the fish jumped up and splashed in the water (like what you see on TV). Uncle Fred was hollering, "Bring it in Pete, Bring it in!" I was hollering, "I’m trying Uncle Fred, I’m trying!... Get the net!!!!! Get the net!!!"

Uncle Fred did not know where the net was so he was walking around looking for it... My line was getting harder to bring in and the fish was fighting hard... I was praying the line would not snap... I was not sure if it was a big bass or what...

Finally I got the fish to my feet in the water. I bent down and picked it up. It was a rainbow trout... the biggest I had ever seen come out this creek.

As I was walking to land the fish, it jumped out of my hands onto the dirt. I fell to my knees and started pushing him up the hole, but he kept getting closer to the water. I just kept shoving him up hill until I got him almost to the top of the hill while on my knees.

Uncle Fred was trying to help me up…. I was tangled in the fishing line and rod. Dad gave me his chain because I could not get to mine and he was hooked...

I had done it... I brought in the creek monster...

Happy Mother’s Day to me!

Another article about Peaches catching this beautiful rainbow trout can be seen here.

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Happy Mother's Day
by: A

What a great Mother's Day gift! Congratulations to you.

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