Vintage Freshwater Fishing Calendars For Serious Collectors And Enthusiastic Hobbyists

Add old and unique fishing calendars to your collection.

Whether you are a long time collector, or just starting a new hobby with your collection of fishing calendars and related memorabilia, I'm certain that you should be capable of coming across something worthy to add to your treasure trove here.

The most commonly sought after items include back issues and out of print wall calendars, weekly pocket planners, and desk top planners.

The most common fishing themes that hobbyists seek most seem to be bass fishing, fly fishing, trout, old lures, cartoon-a-day, and woman themed calendars such as Women In Waders and Fish n Chix.

High end fishing art and calendar items with scenes of the great outdoors include original prints, old advertisements, and vintage posters.

Other rare fishing themed collectible calendars are also made out of linen material such as sea towels. There's even jigsaw puzzles, tin trays, coffee mugs, magnets and computer mouse pads.

1954 Bell & Zoller Coal Company Fishing Calendar1954 Bell & Zoller Coal Company Fishing Calendar

Ready to search through a variety of unique freshwater fishing themes throughout the many years for classic prints on wall calendars, pocket planners, desk top muses, and rare artifacts?...

Vintage Fishing Calendars For Sale

Have a look around at Ebay's vintage fishing calendars and related items. All are up for sale. Some are being auctioned off to the best bidder, while others are offered with a buy it now price option.

Scroll through the pages to see a plethora of vintage fishing calendars and lithograph prints that you may potentially be interested in.

Looking for something more specific? Simply use their search function.

Why Collect Old Fishing Calendars As A Hobby

Some people buy and collect fishing calendars just for the thrill of having certain pieces. Others gather certain ones or specific themes from each year of their release, thus accumulating a complete set. And other folks simply enjoy using them to put on display in their work place, home, office, game room, garage, man cave, or their sports bar.

Whatever your reason is for collecting vintage fishing calendar art or new fishing print calendars, I totally get it as I am a collector of rare and valuable memorabilia myself.

Don't forget to frame your best collectible fishing calendars and hang them up to proudly advertise your beautiful prized works of art for all your family and friends to revere over... not that I needed to call that to your attention as if you weren't fully aware of your choice to showcase your awesome collection or not.

Is it fair to assume that collecting is your hobby? Perhaps you enjoy both collecting and fishing just as well? Well, fishing is definitely a legitimate passion of mine. Thanks to Solo Build It, I have been able to create and maintain this website in order to pass on my knowledge of the sport to visitors like you. Learn more about how you can capitalize on your passions and hobbies.

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