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There used to be no other crappie magazine out there that even compared to Crappie World. It was the one and only go-to magazine for any crappie enthusiast.

However, it is no longer circulated in publication. But you can still find past Crappie World publications here, along with other new and current up-to-date crappie magazines.

Although they are no longer in business, the older magazines still provide valuable information packed with a ton of great tips and techniques that can still be applied today for many successful fishing trips.

Why would have anyone wanted to choose to subscribe to a fishing magazine such as Crappie World ?

It was a freshwater fishing magazine that provided the most complete and comprehensive information surrounding the world of crappie fishing.

They showcased their many years of crappie angling expertise by offering awesome fishing tips, explaining deadly techniques for nailing giant slabs, listed the best times and places to fish for them, and much more.

Winter, summer, spring or fall. Lakes, reservoirs, streams or sloughs. Shallow, deep or suspended. Day or night. Rain or shine. Ice water or warm water. It doesn't matter. You'll get all the informational tools that you would need to have a ton of fun busting those crappie at your favorite fishing hole.

Find out what the professional crappie fishermen are using, including when and where. Learn a few of their best kept secrets and tricks of the trade that keeps them successful and on top of the game.

Not to mention additional bonus tips and techniques from bass pros like Mike Iaconelli and Bill Dance.

Fantastic tackle tips - provided exceptional help with properly selecting the best lures and baits to use – size, weight and color, as weather and water conditions are factored – and match those with the right rods, reels and lines.

Brush up your skills with some familiar tips on the crappie fishing techniques that you already know and enjoy using. And learn new and improved techniques to elevate your game to another level above your friendly competition that will drive them crazy... drop shotting, jigging, cranking, top water action, pitchin' and flippin', and even trolling.

I could go on and on about all the great stuff that you'll find packed within each issue of this crappie fishing magazine. You'll just have to see for yourself. I think that you'll be satisfied with the Crappie World magazines.

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