Catching Big Largemouth Bass? Fishing For Lunkers?

by Marcus

How do you catch big largemouth bass?

When is the best time to fish for them? What lures should I use? And where?

Jason's answer:
The general rule of thumb for catching big bass is: use big baits/lures for big fish.

Big baits will generally work most of the time, yet big bass can be caught using smaller lures also. The main thing is to match the hatch. You'll just have to weed through the smaller fish to get to the bigger ones. Patience is key.

Another great way to catch bigger bass is by fishing at night. Larger fish seem to learn to become much cautious during the day and won't feed as much, especially during the day time. There is very little, to absolutely no fishing pressure at night, so those bigger bass tend to roam more freely at night in search of food. More about night bass fishing tips.

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