Browning Fishing Rods

Do you already own a Browning fishing rod? Or planning on buying one?

Well, I'm sure you'd like to know about the series of Browning rods before you open up your wallet to put one in your hands, right? I think you'll be pleased with owning your very own Browning rod, or even two.

Since Browning's inception to the freshwater fishing rod manufacturing industry in the early 1960's, they have been marked with legendary status in the field. They were ahead of their time with the materials they were using to build their hybrid fishing rod blanks - one of the greatest innovators in the rod making industry!

Thanks to Browning and their clever ideas, other fishing rod companies caught on and began incorporating those concepts into their rods too. Over the years, fishing rod building companies and their rods have advanced to meet higher standards of quality and excellence, and ultimately strive for perfection.

And Browning stands behind their products with that goal in mind – producing the best possible fishing rod for us, for all the fishermen of the world.

Not only are Browning fishing poles made extremely well, they're balanced and lightweight to give exceptional comfort so you won't feel as tired after flinging it around all day while out on the water. Not to mention that they are beautifully designed so you can look cool when you're bringing those fish to the boat.

Types of Browning Fishing Rods

Browning provides a number or excellent fishing rods with various options to fit your fishing needs...

They have rods durable enough to handle salmon, steelhead, muskie and pike, also lightweight rods for summoning panfish, and rods that are great for battling those feisty largemouth and smallmouth bass.

Their rod options include trigger grip baitcasting rods, fly fishing rods, spinning rods, surf fishing rods, travel rods and trolling rods, as well as rod and reel combos.

Here are a few of the better known kinds of Browning fishing rods...

  • Browning SilaFlex Fishing Rods
  • Browning Midas Boron Fishing Rods
  • Browning Citori Fishing Rods
  • Browning Six Rivers Fishing Rods
  • Browning Safari Travel Fishing Rods

Shopping for Browning Fishing Poles

Bass Pro Shops is a loyal representative of Browning fishing gear. Get started today to find the perfect one for you...

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