Tactics For Catching Big Fat Bass From The Bank By Freshwater Fishing Experts

Enough with fat excuses that you can't catch big bass because you don't have a stinkin' boat. That's just flat out non sense! Trust me, I've been there and sang that pity party song, too. You just have to suck it up and buckle down and deal with it.

Don't have a boat? Or just don't feel like launching it out on the water?

Big fat bass, like trophy largemouths or even monster striped bass, can still be caught by fishing the banks of a nearby pond, lake or river system.

Most fishermen have usually started out fishing from the bank, or have fished on it at least one time or another. And I'm pretty sure that at any time you have gone out freshwater fishing, you have noticed anglers along the shoreline.

What are they usually doing? They have their fishing rods baited up in the water, lounging around with a nice cold one, waiting for that big bite, right?

That's good and all, but you want to hook into some big fat bass, right? Largemouth bass, spotted bass, smallies, or striped bass!

Or maybe you're pressed for time or just couldn't get out on the boat. You can still manage to cover a whole lot of ground from the bank, and successfully bust some big monster fish.

bank fishing for big fat largemouth bassBank Fishing For Big Fat Largemouth Bass
Along Rip Rap Near An Old Boat Ramp

3 Key Features For Finding Big Fat Bass

1. Game Planning For Big Bass Fishing

Time Management

The plan of attack!

Here is what I do when I head out by myself or with my fishing buddies. Scour the lay of the land and determine how much time you plan to be out on the water. More than likely, your starting point is where you will end again.

Big Bass Fishing Tackle

You can take with you a couple rod and reel set-ups with you if you can. If you only have one set-up, then that will be good. Or if you don't want to lug around the extra gear then you'll manage just fine.

The first set-up should consist of a bait caster reel and a matching lure of your preference like a crankbait, swimbait, spinnerbait, etc. The second could be with one of your spinning reels and spinning tackle for slower presentation lures such as plastic worms, lizards, tubes, jigs, etc. All of which will attract big fat bass!

2. Fishing For Big Bass

As you make your way down along the shoreline, look for key areas where bass like to hang out at. Anything like shady areas, vegetation and structure. Take a look at the contour of the land where it meets the water for steep drops or extensions out into the water. Look for anything out of the ordinary, especially if you are pressed for time.

Fish the key spots as you make your way along the bank. Make a few casts towards or around one area. Fan your casts from left to right, or vice versus. There's really no need to spend too much time in one spot, unless, of course, you know it's an area that is known to hold big fat bass.

Make an effort to have each cast count. Vary your cadences from fast to slow, or pausing, until you figure out a pattern of how they want it, and the places the fish are holding at.

3. Mid-Way Point Bank Fishing For Bass

Okay, almost half of your determined time has gone by. Have you caught any big fat bass yet? Yes,... great! No,... no worries!

Either way, it's time to start thinking about working your way back. This is where it's a good idea to switch your set-up and your presentations.

Now is a good time to give the fish something different to look at. Slow things down a bit.

A lot of the bigger fish choose not to exert much energy to go after prey. They would rather bust on a bigger bait with little effort, rather than chasing around a bunch of smaller bait fish.

How do you think those big bass bruisers get so big?

So, by switching to a soft plastic worm, a jig n' pig, or whatever you have confidence in tossing out, will not only give them something new to consider hitting, but it's like force feeding them. Often times, they can't stand it when something is twitching around right in their face.

However, don't be surprised to catch a few of those smaller bass in the meantime, which is still fun, and can become a good indication that you're doing something right.

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