Inspirational Bass Fishing Videos
That Are Fun To Watch

These bass fishing videos are just a few of our favorites.

Some of these vids are informative and tutorial with helpful bass fishing tips and techniques.

While a few of the others are just crazy and funny, and have rocked the viral world!

If you really enjoy bass fishing, and like classic rock, or hip hop and rap music, then you're in luck with the best of both worlds too.

So, grab yourself a little something to sip on, sit back and relax for a few moments.

Enjoy the ride!

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John Crews & Mike Iaconelli on FishPAA TV on WFN

Fishing on the Edge - Stroking a Jig
Check out Ike bust a bass and break his rod in the process.

Bass Fishing Redneck Style!!!
This classic is still funny.

The Bassmasters

Drunk Fisherman
* Warning: Explicit Lyrics! *

Feel free to mute the sound if you don't want to be exposed to the foul language in this video.
This isn't a bass video but it's still funny.

If you like fishing and hip hop, then you should love this.
Mike Morazzini does a tribute song to Mike Iaconelli's slogan "Never Give Up".

This video has some cool fishing action along with hip hop - put together by Mike Morazzini, the same guy from the one just above.

Largemouth Bass Fishing at a lake that isn't managed for them.
Kurt Mazurek provides some cool tips about fishing for bass in heavy cover, and targetting largemouths at a lake that isn't necessarily supposed to have any there. (In my opinion, that's one of the best times to target largemouth bass because nobody else will be, so your catch rate should be higher than normal, as long as there are bass in the water of course.)

Check into Bassmaster for all their latest videos.

Watch a boat load of bass videos on YouTube.

Now that you have your fix of bass videos,
Go Kick Some Bass!  Have Fun!

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