Top 10 Bass Fishing Video Selections On DVD, Blue Ray, And VHS

Have you ever watched a bass fishing video only to think about how much of a waste of time and money it was?

With so many fishing videos out there, do you wonder which ones are even worth watching?

Well, we have narrowed down the selection process and put together some of our top rated choices. This also includes testimonial feedback from customers who actually own these vids to help you decide which DVD's you would get the best value and benefit out of.

Other than the largemouth bass videos, some of these also include other species of fish such as smallmouth bass, panfish, and even peacock bass. We also have added a couple of fly fishing videos as an added bonus for fly fisherman enthusiasts.

Top 5 Bass Fishing Videos Based On Feedback

Bass Fishing Videobass fishing video

Bass At The Docksbass fishing video

Television show host Mike Krusso from "The Fishing Show" explains what the best docks are to fish, the proper tackle to use, and the most effective techniques to employ.

You'll learn what rod and reels to use, when and where to flip, pitch, and skip your lures into and around docks, which will help to show you how to land a lot more bad bass.

Amazon Customer Statement:
"Now I have a handle on how to fish for bass. A great instructional dvd with lots of useful tips that I have tried and they work! Definitely worth the money."

Expect to pay: around $19.95 plus shipping for a new DVD, which is manufactured on demand when ordered.

Bass Fishing Videobass fishing video

Drop-Shot Secrets RevealedBass Fishing Video

This fishing video shows how effective drop shotting is for species of bass, walleye, crappie, trout, perch, and any other fish that swims.

Awesome technique for freshwater fishing, as well as for saltwater tactics.

Amazon Customer Statement:
"This guy can make a video!...So many videos are just adequate but this one is really sufficient and go's well beyond adequate. I liked it so well that I bought his other video."

Expect to pay: around $19.95 plus shipping

bass fishing videobass fishing video

Lunkerville Bass Fishing Tips and Tacticsbass fishing video

Award winning Lunkerville is hosted by the humorous Michael de Avila who has a love and a knack for bass fishing.

This bass fishing video combines valued tips and techniques with a unique compilation of real stories with real people and the ever so funny bantering comedy.

Amazon Customer Statement:
"The tips and tactics are great for those of us who take our fishing seriously...The show is also entertaining and Mike D. comes across as a good guy you wouldn't mind fishing with...The self depreciating humor at his own fishing woes is a funny and nice little twist to the show."

Expect to pay: around $16.99 plus shipping

Bass Fishing Videobass fishing video

Bass: The Moviebass fishing video

This 2 Disc bass fishing video contains bass pros like Mike Iaconelli, Kevin VanDam, Ish Monroe, Kelly Jordon, Bobby Barrack, and Kevin Doran.

It begins with the saga of George Perry's world record largemouth bass, and then gets into the perspectives on the great sport of bass fishing as they share their tactics.

The 2nd disc contains a first time interview with the legend Bill Dance about his livlihood portraying from the past and the challenges he has faced and overcome. It also includes tips and techniques and deleted scenes.

Amazon Feedback:
"A true gift to the sport." --Bill Dance, IGFA Hall of Fame

Expect to pay: around $34.00 - $35.00 for new or used.

Smallmouth Bass Fly Fishing Videobass fishing video

Fly Fishing for Smallmouth BassFly Fishing For Smallmouth Bass Video

Fly fishing expert Harry Murray owns a fly shop, regularly conducts classes, written books, and has written for some accredited magazines.

In this video, Harry demonstrates the fine art of fly fishing for smallmouth bass while giving instructional tips for various methods.

Amazon Customer Statement:
"I ordered this together with Harry's trout fishing DVD. This DVD is super like the trout DVD. Harry demonstrates his techniques and that means so much to be able to see him actually do it. His enthusiasm and energy is great and infectious..."

Expect to pay: around $11.81 - $34.00 plus shipping for new or used.

Our Top 5 Bass Fishing Video Picks

Bass Fishing Videobass fishing video

Lindner's Extreme Bass Tacticsbass fishing video

Have a big bass blast with Al and James Lindner and the Angling Edge staff as they show off great methods and techniques for pulling up monster largemouth and smallmouth bass out of the water.

This DVD is surely packed with many awesome valuable tips to get your heart jumping in anticipation to get out on the water to bust some bruisers yourself.

Expect to pay: around $12.99 plus shipping for a new DVD

Bass Fishing Videobass fishing video

Bass Fishing Technique

This instructional bass fishing video gives tips and advice for locating bass and how the weather and other conditions affect the behavior of bass.

This DVD is also one of the highest top selling fishing videos on Amazon

Expect to pay: around $19.95 plus shipping for a new DVD, which is manufactured on demand when ordered.

Fly Fishing For Bass VideoFly Fishing For Bass Video

Fly Fishing for Bassbass fishing video

Lefty Kreh & Bob Clouser, with over 60 years of fishing experience, show off their expertise and passion of fly fishing for bass in this DVD.

These two anglers team up to provide superb in depth instructional tips and techniques for fly fishing for bass in all types of freshwater fishing environments including rivers, lakes, streams and ponds.

Expect to pay: around $29.95

Mike Iaconelli Bass Fishing VideoMike Iaconelli Bass Fishing Video

Mike Iaconelli Advanced Finesse Bass Strategiesbass fishing video

New Jersey native Mike Iaconelli rose up out of the city with his die hard "never give up" attitude to become one the world's best professional bass fishermen in the sport today.

When the conditions are tough and the bass are finicky, Mike shows the type of tackle, tactics and techniques he uses to get results.

Expect to pay: around $14.49 for new

Peacock Bass Fishing Videopeacock bass fishing video

Amazon Peacock Basspeacock bass fishing video

Rick Schair of Wet-A-Line Tours heads out on a yacht to the Amazon in a quest for some beautiful peacock bass fishing.

As he describes the proper tackle to use for luring in big 20 pound plus peacocks, a monster bass explodes on his lure, which ends up just barely missing the world record mark.

Expect to pay: around $19.99 for new.

Info About These Video Rankings

These are some of the best bass videos that we could find available on Amazon's website. We researched hundreds of videos and scoured through customer feedback, and we feel the above selections are some of the most worthy to own.

There are a few other freshwater fishing videos that I would have also preferred to include with the list, but at the time of doing our research, those DVD's are not presently available. As they become available, I may add them to our website.

Some of these may also be available in other formats as well, such as Blu Ray Disc or VHS. I also notice that some listings have a limited supply, while others are manufactured upon being purchased.

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