Where To Buy New DAM Quick Reels?

by Eric

Is there a web site to order new quick reels in the USA?

Jason's reply:
Hey Eric, I've searched around a little, but couldn't find much about new DAM Quick Reels being sold within the United States.

I also checked out the DAM Facebook page and seen that others have asked about the same thing. DAM's response was that they currently are not represented in the US, but that they do have something in the works. (The present date of this writing is August, 2011)

In the meantime, I suppose you could check out Ebay or other places like that. I believe I saw something from OverstockBait for some DAM Quick spinning reels that had been mass ordered just before they stopped making that certain model.

DAM also says that you can email them at info@dam.de with your questions and they'll see if they can help.

I hope this helps. Good luck,

***UPDATE: Shop for new DAM Quick reels here.

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by: A.J.

I have purchased a DAM Quick Super, DAM Quick 3000 and a DAM Quick 247 at a garage sale and a lure (Floater # 5m28 or 3m28) are any of these worth $ not sure how old?

by: Oscar, Latvia

When I started using any DAM products, I forgot about other fishing/spinning tackle in The World. I really like, love it. Now I have a bunch of DAM reels, rods and bags. German quality is the best in Europe!

Spool for DAM Quick GLX 830m
by: Ron


I have a DAM Quick glx 830m. Great reel, but I can not get enough line on it. Can I get a new spool that I can get more line on? Even from a different model? Can not seem to find a suitable replacement anywhere. Thanks.


Line weight
by: David

What is the maximum line weight for a vintage Dam Quick 550?

Purchasing DAM Quick Products
by: Anonymous

I worked in a sporting goods store during the 1970's in International Falls, MN. In our display case there was a DAM Quick 110N. I had never heard of the brand before, but being an adventurer I bought it.

That purchase created a love affair for DAM Quick reels. I have three now. The original 110N, 440, and a newer AT330, which I think is the best reel made.

I've also looked everywhere for more of the same, but have had no luck. However, being that International Falls stocked them I'm thinking that we obtained them from Canada. I was given the 440 from a friend in California and I purchased the AT330 in Sweden. Maybe if we were to look north of the border we'd have better luck.

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