Weighing Bass With The Berkley Digital Scale?

by Terry

Where is the best place to put the Berkley Digital Fish Scale hook on a bass so that the bass is not injured or does not shake frantically?

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Best way to weigh fish with a scale...
by: Jason

Hi Terry,

The safest way to weigh your fish with that type of scale would probably be with a bag. You can purchase specialty fish weighing bags from your local outdoors store or an online retailer for a few dollars. Or you can just use a plastic grocery store bag and place the hook through the handles. Just be sure that the fish and the inside of the bag stays wet so that you are not harming the fish outer slime coating.

If you don't have a bag, then you could hook it into its mouth. It does cause a little bit of unnecessary damage to the fish mouth, but it will still have a great chance of surviving.

Some people tend to think that hooking them through the gills is okay. However, this can cause the most damage to the fish, especially if the fish becomes frantic. If the fish starts flopping around, the hook can tear up its gill plate.

Another option that I would like to suggest is to invest in a Boga Grip style scale. Those are a little bit more pricier than the Berkley Digital Fish Scale with hook, but much better for the fish, as well as our own conscious.

Best regards,

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