Have Fun Catching Bass On Ultra-Light Smallmouth Fishing Tackle

As if angling for smallies isn't challenging enough, I have an ultra-light smallmouth fishing challenge for you. It's all just for fun, and I think that you will enjoy it.

Before we get started, keep in mind that this isn't anything absolutely new to the world of freshwater fishing. But, I'm almost certain that you haven't dared yourself to fish for smallmouths like this before.

This can be considered the hard way, which is very similar to the tactics Tred Barta likes to use on his angling and hunting adventures.

I'm sure that the thought may have crossed your mind, but were you ever bold enough to take the time to try it? We'll now see your true test of fate.

First, you'll need to put all of your conventional smallmouth bass fishing tackle aside.

Ready? Let's get started then.

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Ultra-Light Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Overview: Ultra-Light Tackle For Smallmouth Bass As fishermen, we have been taught to effectively match our tackle to the species of fish and the conditions pertaining to the given circumstances. All in all, anglers provide their selves the upper hand to achieve the best possible results out on the water.

Is that fair? Most anglers don't even give it a second thought. After all, the ultimate goal is to catch some fish. Then more fish. Then bigger and badder fish. Trophy sized fish to brag about.

What if you were to throw all of that out the window to give the fish the upper hand for once? Just you against the fish. Mono y mono.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Challenge

Smallmouth Bass Tackle

What do you normally fish with to target smallies? Maybe a 7 foot fishing rod rigged with 8 or 10 pound test line? That would be a nice set-up for mustering those acrobatic bonzebacks into the boat. However, let's put that aside for today.

We're going to scale down a bit. So, pull out a medium-light or a light 6 foot fishing rod and spinning reel - your panfish rods should be just fine too.

Ultra-Light Smallmouth Fishing Skills Test

The first test will be with 6 pound test monofilament fishing line. While using your normal heavier line, you'd be able to fight a smallmouth bass and land it within about 30 to 40 seconds. However, with lighter tackle of 6 pound test, it may take a couple of minutes. You'll be more cautious on playing the smallmouth bass, and will get to watch it display more of a show.

Now, drop down to 4 pound test. This is a little more interesting. It may take at least a good few minutes to play the smallie. The entire time you clinch your teeth in hopes of the fish not shaking the hook. You loosen the drag and let the fish dash around and jump out of the water. You just know that it can come off at any moment.

Are you feeling brave? Now slap on 2 pound test line. It becomes a whole new ball game. The smallmouth bass relinquishes control. You pretty much have no choice but to allow the fish to do what it wants for the most part. The smallmouth will still run and jump, but all it has to do is pull away good enough and off it goes.

Take The Smallmouth Bass Challenge?

Fishing for smallmouth bass on ultra-light tackle is a great way to to have fun out on the water and to test your angling skills. Like I already mentioned, this isn't anything new. But it's a cool way for advanced fishermen to break out of normal fishing routines, and maybe even have contest ideas such as this among your buddies.

Are you good enough to take the challenge?

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