South Bend Fishing Rods

Ready to get bent on South Bend fishing rods?

South Bend poles just might keep you bending over to net or lip all those fish that you'll be catching while using these top-of-the-line fishing rods.

They have a wide assortment of rods to fit any type and style of salt water and freshwater fishing, which can be noted further down this page.

I have used a couple different kinds of their rod and reel combos over the years. They say that you get what you pay for. My personal experience and review follows.

My Experience With The NGage Combos

I purchased a couple South Bend rod and reel combos for myself quite a few years ago.

The South Bend fishing poles that I bought were the N Gage series. One was the 7' medium-heavy spinning rod and reel combination. The other was the 5' 6” medium-light spinning rod and reel combo.

The reason why I use the past tense words like “were” and “was” is because I no longer use those fishing rods. I basically bought these South Bend rods because they were really cheap. I just wanted something that I could simply mess around with, or lend out to other people who wanted to tag along for some freshwater fishing.

My wife and I, as well as some of our fishing buddies, have caught a whole lot of fish on these two fishing poles. With all of those fun and exciting memories I can honestly say that we definitely go our moneys' worth out of them.

My South Bend N Gage fishing rod and reel combos are now retired.

Unfortunately, the reels had been doused with WD-40, which is one of the absolute worst things to apply on a fishing reel. It completely destroyed those reels. Regardless, I was not upset because like I said, these were very inexpensive and meant to be used and abused. Now rest assured, I would definitely NOT allow that to happen with any of my high quality expensive fishing tackle.

I'm not quite sure as to what happened to the 7 foot rod. It might have been one of the ones I have managed to lose in the water over the years. With the shorter rod, the reel seat has a tendency to cause the rod to slide and twist freely. So that rod remains in the garage until I get around to repair that minor problem.

Well, enough about my personal experiences with South Bend rod and reel combos. Let's move on to what more they have to offer.

Types of South Bend Fishing Rods

  • Big Water/Surf Rods
  • Casting/Trigger Rods
  • Fly Fishing Rods
  • Specialty Rods
  • Spinning Rods
  • Travel/Telescopic Rods
  • Ice Fishing Rods
  • Rod and Reel Combinations
  • Kiddy Gear

As you can see, South Bend builds and manufactures rods to specifically accommodate any type of fishing that you plan to take part in.

Check out these South Bend rods listed below and find great deals that are often cheaper for the same items you would see in stores. You should come be able to come across brand new and slightly used products for you to select from at your own discretion.

Get Ready 2 Fish!

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