Playing Sports Versus Fishing With Kids?

by Steven

My 7 year old son loves playing basketball. That's fantastic!

However, I wish to spend more one on one time with him out on the water fishing.

Yet, I'm not quite sure which he would truly rather be doing..? Perhaps both?

I understand that he is just a child, but he still knows what he wants. Therefore, it doesn't seem to be a problem to divide our time up between the two of our favorite activities.

My question is this... Is it true that fishing provides great benefits to us, in which organized sports otherwise don't necessarily give?

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Thanks for the confirmation
by: Steven

Thank you guys. I appreciate your feedback and quick response. Just what I needed to know... more or less just to confirm that fishing is something great and positive for kids to be doing, especially with their family,... like father and son, mother and daughter, mother and son, father and daughter, and including the entire family type of stuff.

You seem to hit the nail on the head about how it does more for a child than just to be able to bond with each other. It helps build their self esteem and confidence about things that they are able to achieve on their own.

I enjoy reading so I will be sure to take a look at that book. Thank you again. Happy fishing.

Benefits That Kids Obtain From Fishing
by: Jason

Good question Steven.

It was once believed by the experts that fishing was not really important for children. Of course school takes precedence in any case.

But over the years, the experts are realizing the importance that fishing is absolutely great for kids. Organized sports, such as team basketball provides a great foundation for a child's mentality and physical attributes. However, fishing provides an excellent balance for a child's development, too.

Fishing, and other outdoor activities, helps children learn while in a relaxing and calm environment. It reduces stress, heightens their imagination, sharpens their senses, and they come to appreciate and respect what the environment of the great outdoors provides for mankind.

Check out the book Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder written by Richard Louv and find out more about why taking your children fishing is a great activity to do.

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