Turning "LOFT" Into An Acronym

FYI: An acronym is an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word.

Hey guys, hope all is well.

We are asking for your help.

We are considering turning the word "loft" from our website name FishingLoft into an acronym.

Lafayette Reservoir in the East Bay Area of California.

Naming and Launching Our Website

Here's a little backstory.

I launched this freshwater fishing website back in 2009.

Before the site went live, I brainstormed numerous domain names.

There were a ton of great names that were already taken. Some were being used for websites, while other url's were just parked domains.

So, I came up with quite a long list of possible domains. I used DomainsBot to help with name suggestions, which is an excellent tool that many folks utilize as suggested by our website building provider.

I knew that I wanted to have the word "fishing" in the name. And I thought about the possibility of using "freshwater fishing". But I wanted to keep the url as short as possible, so "freshwater fishing" was out of the equation.

I also wanted to make sure that there were not any hyphens.

And definitely wanted it to be a .com extension, rather than .net or .org, because dot coms are what people are most familiar with.

I quickly narrowed it down to about 40. Then about 25. 20. 15...

Then it got a little bit tougher. But I got it down to just a handful of names.

After some deliberation and debating about the last couple of names that were still left on the table, fishingloft.com was born on 06-02-2009.

Our Analogical Meaning About LOFT

Here were the 2 major factors for my final decision to use Fishing Loft instead of something else...

Loft has a few different meanings:

  • A person can loft an object, such as a ball, up into the air.
  • A loft is also an area of open space, much like a room, that is higher than the main floor of a building, but just below the attic or roof.

With that in mind, I wanted to create a fishing website that was higher (better) than those average crappy websites floating all around across the world wide internet. Hopefully that analogy explanation makes sense.

The other thing was that I had intentions all along to create an acronym for LOFT.

And that's where we are at now.

Goals - Branding FishingLOFT

Our goal is that an acronym for loft will help with extra branding.

We might be creating some cool swag - like t-shirts, hoodies, lids, decal stickers, etc.. And then sell some of the merchandise, as well as give some stuff away when we have fun contests.

Speaking of contests, this just might end up being a surprise contest... If we happen to pick your acronym suggestion, we will send you a consolation prize. But don't quote us on that just yet, because we're not 100 percent sure as of right now. Who knows, we just might dump this whole concept altogether, especially if this doesn't gain any traction.

So, we'll just have to wait and see what type of feedback we get from all of you guys.


Okay, so here's how it works.

Come up with a lofty suggestion for each letter of the word LOFT. That will turn loft into an acronym.

Here are a few ideas that we've already came up with...

Fishing LOFT Word Play

Lost Our Fishing Tackle
Lack Of Freaking Talent
Love Outdoors Fishing Together
Love Optimal Fishing Time
Land Outstanding Fish Today
Late On Finding Tackle
Locked Outside Fighting Team
Lords Of Fishing Tactics
Lords Of Fishing Techniques
Lords Of Fishing Tips
Learning Optimal Fishing Tactics
Lit On Fishing Together
List Of Fishing Tackle
List Of Fundamental Tricks
Lots Of Fishing Time
Loaded On Fishing Techniques

We will also be adding many of your submitted suggestions to this page as we look through them. That way you know you won't be submitting the same suggestions already sent in by somebody else.

If you like any of the above suggestions, feel free to let us know by using the form below. There's a drop down menu within the form so that you can vote on a favorite acronym, but only if you want to.

Just Some Boring Disclaimer Stuff

Upon submitting, you will be asked to provide a name and email address. But, it's not required.

The only reason is so that I have a way to contact you if we decide to choose your submission and/or to send you a consolation prize. We'll just need a way to communicate in private so that your personal info isn't exposed to the public.

Other than that, I don't need or want it for anything else.

So don't worry. I'm not going to blast your inbox with countless emails. Nor will I distribute your info out to anybody. I hate spam too!

The only other exception is if you signed up to our newsletter.

After you submit your idea, you'll then be taken to our Thank You page.

Other Things To Consider

Please keep in mind that we prefer it to roll naturally of the tongue. And that might be cool for it to flow and follow after the word fishing, i.e., Fishing Lords Of Fundamental Tactics. But it doesn't necessarily have to.

Be clever and imaginative.

Keep in mind that we all represent the fishing community throughout the world.

Reasons for your submission to get deleted? Foul language, racism, duplicates, negativity.

As always, your time, feedback, and participation in helping us make this a better fishing website for you and our thousands of loyal visitors, is very much appreciated.

Your Word Suggestions For "L.O.F.T."


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