Little Mans Big Fish

by Justin Mccoy
(Ignacio, Colorado)

Little boy with his big largemouth bass.

Little boy with his big largemouth bass.

We fished for about 30 minutes when I heard, "Dad, I think I've got one." When I looked up, my 4 year old was standing on the bank in a fight of a lifetime. I grabbed a hold of his belt loop so he didn't get drug into the lake. It took about 10 minutes but he got his fish landed. What a day.

Jason's response for the boy catching a big bass:

Wow, that is a very nice largemouth bass. Congratulations to you and your son for reeling that big one in. I can only imagine the thrill and the excitement for the both of you, and the photo captures it nicely.

Did you happen to weigh that beast? If I had to guess, the fish looks to be around 7 pounds. Geez, she has a fat belly on her too, so it's obviously healthy and eating good.

Great job and thanks for sharing. Best of luck and have fun freshwater fishing. Hope the two of you have many more awesome days just like this one.

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Boy versus fish.
by: Anonymous

What a fight that must have been for the youngster! That thing looks as big as him. LOL. Good thing you did grab his belt loop... that bass probably could have pulled him into the water. What a crazy scene that would have been. ;-)

Exciting bass fishing story and a great picture to capture the moment.

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