Stroking A Jig
Fishing Tips And Techniques

You are about to embark upon some jig fishing tips that are guaranteed to induce some ferocious strikes!

Fishing jigs for largemouth bass isn't all that uncommon, right? A jig is absolutely great for flipping and pitching into heavy cover, and enticing lethargic stubborn bass to bite on non aggressive days.

One alternative fishing technique for using jigs is known as "stroking a jig".

So, if you enjoy having bass busting heavy on your lures with hard striking power, then this technique for tossing jigs should be quite fun for you to begin experimenting with and implementing into your arsenal.

Keep in mind that this jig fishing method is very similar to, but not the same as the swimming jig technique.

Largemouth Bass caught on a football jig.Largemouth bass eat football jigs.

Stroking A Jig Fishing Tips

What Exactly Is Stroking A Jig

The stroking jig method is another technique that presents the jig throughout the bottom of the water column, up to just a few feet off the bottom. It's meant to cover more water at a faster rate than that of traditional jig fishing, and used with a stronger energetic style retrieve.

Best Times To Stroke The Jig, And Why

The best times to use this jig fishing technique is after the spawn. The bass will have begun to move from the shallow water out to the deep water edges, drop offs, weedlines, and points.

At times like this, when the bass have become lazy and/or just looking for an easy meal, would be one of the most opportune times to bring this out of your bag of tricks. The goal is to try and get that powerful "reaction strike".

Best Type Of Jig To Use

The best kind of jig to use for this tactic is a football head jig. You know, the kind that's wide and broad with a flat bottom. The football head jig should also be a heavy model, like a ½ ounce, ⅝ ounce, or a ¾ ounce.

The skirt should be able to puff out during your stop and go retrieves. Use a trailer that matches up well for this fishing technique. Something that will provide that extra action in the water, such as one with flappy tails or legs like a chigger craw or a pork rind trailer.

How To Stroke A Jig

With your boat positioned accordingly, you'll want to cast out up along the ledge or a shelf above the drop off in the water column. As soon as the jig hits bottom, snap your fishing rod straight up as quickly and rapidly as you are able to. This will cause the jig to violently flutter and look like a wounded bait fish or crawfish is in complete panic attack mode.

Simply repeat the process until you get those stubborn bass to blow up on your jig. Just one more word of advice, post spawn bass aren't really all that hungry. The goal is to get that reaction strike.

Have a blast with these jig fishing tips and go get jiggy with it!

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