Information on a D.A.M. Quick 800 Reel

by Curt

I have a DAM Quick 800 bait casting reel. It has the word "Champion" on the side. I know it belonged to my Dad, but that's about it. Can you give me any info on it.

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Quick 1400 new in box
by: Passow

I have a Quick 1400 new in the box. Don't think it has ever been used. Mint condition. A hand me down from a deceased uncle.

Can anyone give me some history on it?

The guy running the fishing department at Cabela's had a fit when he saw it. Offered to buy it from me on the spot.

Quick 800
by: Steve

I recently acquired a Quick 800. I have a question for Mike In Wisconsin... Does your reel have a clicker function?

Quick 1400
by: Bruce

It's not surprising the Cabela's guy offered to buy it on the spot, I would too. I bought mine back in the early 80s and it has caught a lot of fish during the years. I consider it a very high quality reel with smooth gearing that is superb to anything else I've used or owned.

Years ago, the plastic handle grip broke from dropping the rod in the boat. I glued it together and it held fast until last week. I've re-glued it and hope it holds out for as long. If anyone knows of a replacement piece, I'd be very interested in obtaining it.

Slide button on DAM 800 Champion Reels
by: Anonymous

Is the slide button on the side of a Quick 800 series reel a click function or something else?

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