"Gotta Bite"

by Judy
(Alexandria, MN)

Addison and Grandparents with her Largemouth Bass

Addison and Grandparents with her Largemouth Bass

This is Addison our 3 year old granddaughter who loves to fish - she is fishing from shore with the new fishing pole we just got her enjoying her green popsicle when she said, "Gotta Bite" and stuck the popsicle in her mouth so she could reel in the fish.

What a bite it was - the line zipped out of her little reel and the fight was on - popsicle fell out of her mouth as she yelled, "Somebody, Somebody please help me!!!! Get the net!!! Get the net!!! It's something big!!!!" Grammy helped her hold the pole, Grampy got the net and finally the big fish was in the net. Addison was one happy little girl, her Mommy took a bunch of photos and then she helped grammy release the big bass back into the lake, and as it swam off it splashed her.

She was one excited little girl to catch such a large fish - she said, "I want to do this again." So back to fishing it was. She did catch a few more but nothing this size. When it was time to go, she said, "Two more minutes, please." She just loves fishing, so we take her every chance we get.

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Loves Fishing
by: Nancy

I think she'd sit out there all day & night fishing! She had so much fun that evening!!

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