A Fishing Rod Case Is A Minor Investment For Protecting Your Valuable Poles

As a fellow fisherman I understand the value and importance of owning quality fishing equipment. I also know that excellent top of the line fishing poles are a bit expensive.

So why not protect your valuable fish catching investment with a fishing rod case?

A nice case for fishing rods will help keep them protected and secure from getting scratched and broken.

It only makes perfect sense, since you've forked out a good sum of money to buy a high quality rod, then the best thing to do should be to invest in taking care of it. Besides, it's not easy catching fish with a busted up fishing rod, right?

Protecting Your Favorite Fishing Rods

Benefits Of Encasing Your Fishing Rods

A great rod case will protect your fishing rod while traveling in your car, boat, bike, airplane, walking and backpacking. They are sweet for keeping your gear nicely organized and hassle free. They're easy to tote around without all the extra fumbling of fishing gear and equipment. You can simply slide the straps over your should and be on your way. A big plus for frequent travelers.

Types Of Fishing Pole Cases

There are a few different kinds of rod cases you can pick and choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. There are rigid tubes like the bazooka tube cases, rod totes, rod wraps, rod socks, airline, carrier storage bags, and combo caddies.

Just as important, there are rod cases made specifically for different types of fishing rods. These include, fly rods, spinning rods, casting rods, surf rods, ice fishing rods, trolling rods, and so forth.

Top Brands Of Fishing Rod Storage Cases

We have checked out many different types and brands. We have reviewed the top brands such as Flambeau, Frabill, Filson, Plano, Mountain Cork, LL Bean, Orvis, Sage Fishpond, Daiwa, Eagle Claw, Fender, Sage, Shimano, St. Croix, and more. And so, after doing our research, we are listing a few of our top choices here for you to review.

Our Top 3 Picks Of Fishing Rod Cases

Bass Pro Shops Spinning Fishing Rod and Reel Casebass pro fishing rod caseBPS Spinning Rod & Reel Case

This Bass Pro Shops spinning rod and reel combo caddie case is made with a thick PVC protective backbone and covered with 1000 denier nylon water-repellent material with reinforced seams. The reel compartment contains extra padding and a scuff cap for added protection for your spinning rod and reel.

It is designed with a long, triangular head portion and able to accept a spinning outfit no matter where the reel seat is. It is 43" in length, therefore you should be sure that your rod will fit inside accordingly.

White River Fly Shop Rod and Reel Case - Single 2-Piecefishing rod caseWhite River Fly Shop
Rod & Reel Case

This White River Fly Shop brand is priced to sell, and is still durably constructed. It is made with rugged 1000 denier Cordora material over a PVC protective tube, and lined with nylon for added padding for more protection.

You actually have a choice for 6 different models and sizes. They range from 30", 38" and 60". And they allow for 9' or 10' fly rods, either 2-piece, 3-piece, or 4-piece. It merely depends on which one will meet your needs.

Another positive aspect is that these fly fishing rod and reel cases are lightweight and easy to carry - toss the strap right onto your shoulder or carry it down by your side and be on your way to the fishing hole.

White River Fly Shop Tri Fly Rod and Reel Case - 9' 4-Piece Rodrod caseWRFS Tri Fly Rod & Reel Case

This Tri Fly fishing rod and reel case features the rugged 1000 denier Cordora material over a PVC protective tube, is lined with nylon for added padding for more protection, and contains an anti-scuff pad on the bottom.

It also has a carrying handle and an adjustable shoulder strap for your traveling convenience. The tube is triangular shaped to help impact resistance while preventing it from rolling around.

Additional Tips About Fishing Rod Cases

I'm sure that your fishing rods and most of your fishing equipment mean a lot to you. At least my fishing tackle does. It seems kind of hard to have fun freshwater fishing and be successful at catching fish while worrying about your gear getting damaged along the way.

A rod case is a simple solution to help ensure your fishing poles will be ready the next time you decide to hit your favorite lake, river, stream or pond. Make the investment now and you'll thank yourself later.

Do you plan on taking an airplane flight to a fishing destination getaway spot? Then consider getting a bazooka style tube case for your fishing rods.

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