Fishing Rod Building Kits

Ready to start making your own freshwater fishing poles? Great!

Fishing rod building kits are excellent for learning this historical art form.

Using kits for building fishing rods is a fun and easy way to learn how to make your very own custom fishing rods. Building your own fishing rods allows you to showcase your creativity and customize the design precisely the way you want to.

Not only is using a rod building kit fun and easy, it can save you a little cash and some time than that it would take if starting completely from scratch. Now you can use that extra time and money for other materials and supplies.

About Fishing Rod Making Kits

Some of the great rod building kits might include a tutorial book and/or a video to explain how to properly build your custom fishing pole. The main items that should come with a fishing rod kit should be the...

  • blank
  • guides
  • tip top
  • reel seat
  • butt cap
  • grips

Of course you'll need to have your own rod building supplies and tools in order to fully customize and construct your rods. No worries though, they have supply kits and accessory kits too to help you with that too.

According to your specifications, blanks come in all different lengths and action types. They can be found constructed with bamboo, graphite, fiberglass and/or boron. And specified for spinning, casting, surf, trolling, or fly fishing.

You can also acquire kits that are name brand like Sage, St. Croix, Cabelas, Batson Forecast, Winston, Pacific Bay and more.

Buying Your Own Rod Building Kits

Now that we know what should come in a fishing rod builder kit, and have an idea about the kind of freshwater fishing rod to build, let's find one to get started with today. There are quite a few companies out there that sell these kits. On the same token, I think that Ebay and Amazon can be great places to shop around at...

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