Fishing And Eating Your Catch

by Sal
(Ottawa, ON)

When fishing near the city, how would I know if the fish are good to eat?

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Eating your catch.
by: Jason


To eat, or not to eat your catch. That is the question...

There could be various reasons, and different ways to figure out if the fish would be good/healthy enough to eat...

1) Are there any signs posted stating the the water is too polluted to consume the fish that you've caught?

2) Does the water look polluted with chemicals? Are you aware whether it allows sewage to drain into it?

3) Ask the people who work at your local bait shops. Check with your local Fish & Game Department. And even talk with local environmental experts.

One of my golden rules that I often tell people is that if you're not completely sure about it, then just don't do it.

All things to think about and consider. Hope this helps.


By the way, if you are eating the fish that you catch, check out our cool fish recipes for some fresh ideas.

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