Fish Fencing Techniques Wanted

by Jonathan
(South Pacific)

Hi Fellow Fishermen/women,

I am starting a fish fencing project on my property and am looking for any techniques that you might have experience with.

I am installing a galvanized wire hexagonal fish fence on a reef next to a deep water trench in the south pacific where I live to catch a daily supply of fish.

Does anybody here have experience in this arena?

Thanks in advance,

Admin's response:

Hi Jonathan,

It sounds like you are basically looking for ideas about creating a fish trap by using stucco wire, am I right?

A Google image search for "fish fencing trap to catch fish" turns up a variety of results as shown here using different types of materials and assembled in different ways. Hopefully, you'll find some of those techniques useful for constructing your own fish fence trap.

Best regards and good luck,

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