How To Tie A Dropper Loop Knot

Tying a dropper loop knot is a crafty way to add an extra fishing hook to your line. And you can add several droppers to the line if you plan on using multiple hooks.

You can also create the loop to be long enough so that you can tie a hook directly to the loop. That way you eliminate the need for a leader. And the double line formed from the loop should add/reinforce to the strength of the fishing knot tied to the hook.

If you had to or wanted to, you could use the loop to add a weight, such as a bell sinker.

Additionally, fly fishermen are known to use the loop to add a second fly to their tippets.

Most anglers don't use this dropper rig often, but it might come in handy for you one day. So, here are some step-by-step instructions for tying the dropper knot.

Tying A Dropper Loop Fishing Knot

Steps For Tying A Dropper Knot:

1. Make a loop with the line.

Form A Loop For The Dropper Rig
Make a Loop to Begin Tying The Fishing Knot

2. Begin wrapping the end overhand.

Dropper Rig Fishing Knots Wrapping the Line

3. Wrap the end about 6 or 7 times.

Dropper Fishing Loop Knot Step-By-Step Guide

4. Bring the top section of the loop down to insert it through the center of the middle wraps.

How To Tie A Dropper Loop with Pictures

5. Moisten the knot and finish pulling the loop through and snug it tight.

Dropper Loop Fishing Knot Tying InstructionsThe Dropper Rig Fishing Knot

This is a cool rig to set up for freshwater fishing, saltwater, surf casting, or whatever it may be. The more hooks out in the water, the merrier, right?

There's just one thing left to do now...

Get Loopy and Drop It Like It's Hot!!!

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