Dam Quick Super

I came across a Dam Quick Super. I was just wondering if they still make them? And if there is any value to it?

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by: Gary

I would like to know when the DAM Quick Super was made?

by: Mike

I have one of these reels. It was manufactured in 1966. Also still have the owners/parts manuals for the reel.

It actually worked the last time I used it around 10 years ago. I used mono coated stainless steel line on the reel to fish for lake trout at West Hawk Lake in Manitoba.

I hope to use the reel again on the original rod it came with back in '66, just have to replace rod tip first. At 680 grams plus for the weight of the rod, my wrist hurts after an hour of fishing.

The ''SUPER'' is a really heavy duty spinning reel which I used for many years (at least 35).

Hope this info helps. Keep those lines tight and good fishing!!!

DAM Reels
by: Ardz

Can I use the DAM Quick Super for surf casting, and not just for spinning?

And if so, what is the recommended weight of sinker can I use?

Spare Parts
by: Peter Devlin

Can I get parts for metal made DAM Quick spinning reel? It has a fish design on the base of reel.

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