Canned Shad Fish Recipe

by Jeremy
(Rocky Mount, NC, USA)

*Though not a shad recipe per se, canning Shad is a simple, practical preparation method that solves the problem of dealing with this notoriously boney fish.

The finished product is similar to canned Sardines and Salmon, with the bones edible; therefore, it can be used to substitute Salmon or Sardines in your favorite recipes, or just eaten straight from the jar as a snack.

During canning, oils will cook out of the fish, leaving you with a product self-contained in it's own omega fatty-acids enriched oil. After canning, the product will be preserved and will not require refrigeration except after opening.

What you need for canning Shad:

1) Pressure cooker/canner
2) Canning jars (ex. Mason jars)
3) Whole Shad (any specie, any size)

To prepare Shad:

  • remove head, entrails
  • remove scales and all fins/tail
  • slice the whole fish into several steaks or chunks

Canning Shad:

Step 1: Pack fresh, unfrozen Shad chunks into mason jars, leaving only approx. 3/4" space at the top. Do not add water or any other liquid. Seal jars.

Step 2: ***Follow the canning instructions for seafood/meat for your particular canner, observing all precautionary measures, to ensure a safely-preserved canned product.

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Sounds Good
by: Anonymous

This sounds like a great idea. I think I might give this a shot with some saltine cracker snacks, the same way I like to eat canned oysters and canned sardines. Or even in some lettuce wraps with chopped tomatoes and bell peppers.

My next door neighbor is a retired farmer, his wife is the cook. They do some preserving and canning throughout different times of the year, but I don't think they really can fish. Let's see if I can turn them on to trying your Shad.


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