Braided Line With Spincast Reels?

by David

Can I use braided line with a spincast fishing reel?

Jason's answer:

Yes and No...

Some closed faced spincast fishing reels come pre-spooled with braided fishing line. But, most often they seem to come with monofilament line.

The cheaper inexpensive models, like some brands of kids' combos of spincast reels, will not be able to handle braided line well. One thing that may occur is that the gears will begin to wear down quicker, and may even break, especially if the drag is tightened down.

I'm not saying that it can't be done for any or all spincast reels, it's just probably not a good idea on the cheaper reels.

Like I said above, some come pre-wound with braid. Also, the higher end models that are made with better materials will be able to accompany braided line.

Bottom line is that I suggest to go with what is recommended for the reel.

Quick Tip: Adjusting the drag settings properly is very important. Because braided line is very strong as well as thin, it becomes easier to bury the line into the spool during a hook set. To combat that problem, don't tighten the drag, instead, lighten it up. Sure, you might have to play a fish a little longer, but you'll save yourself a fishing reel and a head ache.

You can read more about spincast fishing reels.

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Great Info
by: Anonymous

Your info was great! Thanks!

Zebco 33 Platinum and Braid
by: basser

The combo of braid and the Zebco 33 platinum simply does not work. Put 20 lb. braid on a new reel and the results were really bad. Cut my casts short and even became hard to retrieve. Rewound with mono and all is fine.

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