Big Fish - Largemouth Bass

by Cindy Crawford
(Manteca, California)

Big Fish - March 28, 2011

Big Fish - March 28, 2011

I fished in a bragging rights tournament against my co-workers at Bass Pro Shop. I caught the big fish of the tournament. This fish is 8lbs and 10oz.

Jason's reply:

Awesome largemouth bass! Very nice catch.

That definitely looks like the California Delta, huh?... great fishery, and your catch obviously shows how fun the fishing is in those river systems.

As I'm sure that you already know, Bass Pro Shops is a great store to shop at, or just to hang out at while checking out all the cool toys that they have. Lucky for you, you actually have the pleasure of working there :-)

By the way, what were you using to catch that beast?

Well, thank you Cindy for sharing your largemouth bass fishing photo. Have fun out there on the water and best of luck fishing.

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by: Anonymous

nice catch, i hope you catch many more and release them so other's can enjoy!!!

by: Mary

This is an awesome bass! Good job Cindy! The California Delta can really produce a quality catch like that. Congrats on winning bragging rights, by the looks of that fish you deserved it!

by: chosen 1

I catch bass like that almost every time I fish.

Great Bucketmouth!
by: Jason

@ "chosen 1" ...

Really? Show us what you have caught. We all would very much enjoy seeing what you've been able to reel in... almost every time you catch fish.

By the way, Cindy is one my wife's friends and a coworker. She and her husband get out on the water at least once a week fishing for bass on their bass boat. They usually always catch fish, and never take pictures of anything under 5 pounds. lol

You can see another one of their largemouth bass pictures here: Brush Hog Fishing In The Junk

We'll be looking forward to seeing your largemouth bass photos.

Best Regards,
Jason - Webmaster

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