The Best Fishing Sunglasses
Selection Advice

What are the best fishing sunglasses to have?

Is it a brand name? A certain style? Accessories and options? Do they have to be the most expensive to be the greatest?

Well, polarized glasses are the best choice!

They are pretty much a must have for freshwater fishing. They give you a better advantage - for yourself, and over your fishing competition as well - and are ideally superb for sight fishing.

Most importantly they help protect your eyes from the UV rays projected from the bright sun in the sky, and the annoying glares that the sun projects across the water.

Fly fisherman with polarized fishing sunglasses and wearing a face mask and hat.Fly fisherman with polarized fishing sunglasses and wearing a custom face shield mask and hat.

So let's have a better look into some great options when considering your next pair of polarized fishing sunglasses...

4 Key Aspects For Selecting The Best Pair Of Fishing Sunglasses

1) The main thing is functionality. Look for ones that are designed to eliminate 99% - 100% of all reflective glares and protect against U.V. rays. If they don't make that claim and guarantee it, then simply move on to another one.

2) Next comes comfort and style. Lightweight sunglasses help for a comfortable fit on your face. There are even the cool looking wrap around frames with extended lenses to help with peripheral vision.

3) A good option to look for are ones that float in the water. It would definitely suck to be battling a nice big fish, get it to the boat, then just as you reach over the side to lip it, your 100 dollar pair of polarized sunglasses slide right off into the water and sink. So, either floaters or a neck strap would be the way to go.

4) An additional option would be to have interchangeable lenses. This allows you to easily switch out multiple colored lenses to conveniently adapt to the different conditions while out on the water.

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