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We have reviewed many books and picked out some of the best fishing books.

These books about fishing have been listed in the top selling spots. Since they have had high demands by consumers, we also would like to recommend them for you to read, and perhaps to even present them as a gift for another fisherman.

These fishing books cover most of everything you would need to know about fishing in general, from saltwater fishing to freshwater fishing.

They include excellent tips and techniques for your fishing equipment, the best times to fish, where to fish, with how to illustrations, and even preparing and cooking your catch.

Best Selling Fishing Books

best selling fishing books best fishing books

What Fish Don't Want You to Know: An Insider's Guide to Freshwater Fishingbest fishing books

This fishing book was written by a fisherman with over 40 years of angling experience. It's loaded with...

  • plenty of pictures and illustrations
  • how to instructions
  • tricks, tips and techniques
  • common sense advice
  • some humorous fish stories

The bottom line is that this fishing book covers everything that you need to know for catching freshwater fish.

best selling fishing books, Fishing Basics best fishing books, fishing basics

Fishing Basicsfishing basics

This book is fantastic for beginners, as well as experienced fishermen looking to freshen up on some tips and techniques. This book explains in clear terms and pictures about...

  • tying knots
  • rigging techniques
  • making lures
  • when and where to fish
  • best times to fish

A few other things found inside are details about fly tying, and helpful tips for species such as bass and perch.

best selling fishing books, freshwater and saltwater salt and freshwater fishing

Fishing: A Guide to Fresh and Salt-Water Fishingfreshwater and saltwater fishing book

This book is great for beginners and a nice reference tool for experienced anglers. There is useful information for both saltwater and freshwater fishing to help you...

  • identify a variety of game fish species
  • bait and tackle selections
  • locating where the fish are
  • ideal times to fish
  • and successfully catching fish

best selling fishing books for dummiesbest fishing books for dummies

Fishing for Dummiesfishing for dummies

Fishing For Dummies will help you fine tune your basic techniques and skills for catching fish. This book has excellent information about...

  • fishing tackle and gear
  • types of different fish
  • different casting techniques
  • catching and handling fish
  • preparing and cooking fish

This fishing book could be great reference item or even presented as a gift for somebody just getting into the sport of fishing.

best selling fishing books for dummiesbest fishing books

The Everything Fishing Book: Grab Your Tackle Box and Get Hooked on America's Favorite Outdoor Sport (Everything Series)best fishing books

This is another cool fishing book filled with valuable information for honing in on the basics of angling, making it perfect for the novice fisherman to learn from. You'll discover how to...

  • select and use proper fishing equipment
  • knot tying
  • where to fish
  • which baits to use
  • playing a fish
  • cooking your fish

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