Best Catch Of My Life

by Matthew Pitts
(Asheville N.C.)

I caught this bass in March of '09. I was using a buzz bait and I was just casting it out for about 10 minutes, and all of a sudden it exploded out of the water and took it. I set the hook and it was about 3 minutes for me to get it in. I went to the house and took a picture of it, then I took it back to the lake and released it. It's still in the lake and a lot bigger too, and my thumb was tore up after that.

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Thank You
by: Jason - Webmaster


Awesome catch! I'm glad that you understand the importance of catch and release with largemouth bass. That bucketmouth will live to fight and/or be caught another day by you or some other lucky fisherman.

From the looks of the picture, I'm guessing that it must of weighed around a strong 6 pounds or so. Did you happen to get a good estimation weight for it?

Have fun fishing,

About 10 pounds or over
by: matthew pitts

You know, I really didn't get to weigh it but that's why I tossed it back... so it could get bigger and so I could catch it again when it does get bigger. But I estimated that it was over 10 lbs.

Beautiful Largemouth Bass
by: Anonymous

Your picture is blurry but that doesn't take away from the fact that is an awesome bass. Great catch!

It would be crazy cool and interesting if you were to happen to catch that fish again someday. You said that you caught her in March, so I assume that she was in pre-spawn... the spawn is one of the best times to find those big largemouths like the one you managed to land there.

Just curious to know if that lake is a private lake that you guys manage or what? If so, you'll obviously have a better chance of catching that largemouth bass again when it does grow bigger.

Again, good job!

by: your bro matthew

I'm so proud of you keep fishing and keep the family tradition alive.

Love you.
Your younger bro,

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