Exciting Striped Bass Pictures And Stories

Looking through striped bass pictures proudly taken by other fishermen is often a great motivational outlet for striper anglers. Reading the exciting stories behind those photos provides a desire to head back out to that favorite fishing hole, or a well known hot spot, with the hopes of hooking into a big beautiful behemoth striper.

And what better way of capturing that memorable moment than with a few photos of your own trophy catch, right?

Moments like that last a lifetime. And you'll always be able to tell that story and be able to provide the proof, rather than it coming across as just another far fetched fish tale... "it was this big, I swear."

Other than the fishing pictures that are scattered around this website, here's a couple of striper pictures which you may recognize...

Striped Bass Fishing Picture of 3 Happy Fishermen Showing Off Their Catch'Three Men And A Striper' - "Showing Off"

Kid Showing Off His Big Striped BassYoung boy showing off a nice striped bass.

Share Your Striped Bass Fishing Pictures

Do you have any striped bass pics? A big one. Small one. Your first. A limit of stripers. Or just a cool moment out on the water?

Your comments are welcome as well. Offer advice, additional tips and techniques. Anything positive that you wish to share.

Share them here with our visitors and the rest of the world! We'll turn it into your very own web page. Brag and boast as much as you want, or remain modest. Invite your buddies to check it out so they can rate it and post their own comments too.

Your Striped Bass Photos and Stories

Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page...

44 inch striper caught right before Irene  
We went out fishing off of cape cod. Didn't get a bite for like 2 hours, then after the first hit they started coming and coming. We caught 11 in the …

Teaching The Youth What A Real Fight Is 
My father took my sister out to fish. My sister had just gotten in a fight, and so as punishment she had to go fishing with my dad and I. My sister hated …

American River Striped Bass Fishing - The Striper King 
I have been fishing the upper American River for my whole life. Over the years I have hooked into more than a few American River residents that got the …

My Wife's First Striper Fishing Experience! Not rated yet
Recently retired. We have a new boat and trying to learn how to catch the illusive striped bass on a lake near my home in Alabama. Also, trying to interest …

First Time Catching Striped Bass Pictures And Stories Not rated yet
I was sleeping over at my cousins house when my uncle Joe offered to take us fishing. He is a professional fisherman. He helped me cast and I sat there. …

Monster Striped Bass Not rated yet
Well, my father and I were fishing at the Indian River inlet on Tuesday, May 17. I had caught a 35 inch striper about a hour into the night. At this …

"FLY CAUGHT STRIPER"  Not rated yet
B E Bliss caught this 64 1/2 pound striper on a fly with a 10# tippet. This striped bass was caught in 1973 on the Smith River in Reedsport, Oregon. …

Barkley Dam, Ky. Striper fishing from the rocks!!! Not rated yet
Have spent many wonderful years striper fishing below Barkley Dam in Ky. It is on the Cumberland river. A lot of folks go out in the boat and pull …

Striper  Not rated yet
This is a striper caught in Gloucester, Mass. trolling with live mackerel. It was 45” long. But I don't know how much it weighed because we dropped …

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Striped Bass Pictures

Striped Bass Pictures


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