10 Pounder - Caught w/Texas-Rigged Plastic Worm!

by Brandon C.
(Orlando, FL, USA)

Huge 10 Pounder!

Huge 10 Pounder!

Huge 10 Pounder!
Mammoth Largemouth Bass!

I was fishing from the bank of my local park one evening and I was having pretty good success for the most part. I was catching medium sized largemouth bass on the "dead sticking" method.

Then on one of my last casts, I launch my bait way out into the middle of the lake. I let it sink for about 8-10 seconds and when I raised my rod tip, I seriously thought I was stuck in some algae (the lake has some pretty unruly foliage on the bottom).

I start to reel in with disappointment and after a few cranks, I feel some huge tugs on the line so I jerk back and set the hook just in case. As soon as I did, that big bass went crazy! I was in pure shock.

I started to reel but it seemed like it wasn't budging, so I just sat there and let him tire himself out. After about 30 seconds of pure adrenaline, I then dragged him to shore in even more disbelief.

He was huge! I could barely pick him up for this photo! Definitely the biggest largemouth bass I have ever caught!

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by: Brandon C.

Maybe it wasn't 10. It sure felt like 10, but since I didn't officially weigh it... I may have been over-exaggerating. We'll just say it's 8-9 lbs! Sorry about that guys, I was too excited! lol

Not 10 pounds
by: Anonymous

Yeah, I wouldn't say 10. Maybe 7, but definitely not 10.

Nice catch, but not a lunker...
by: Anonymous

I would say that it looks more like around 4 pounds. It looks kinda thin, at least from the angle in the picture. In my humble opinion. It's still a very nice largemouth bass. Good job.

by: Anonymous

that is a pretty good bass.

Uumm, I dont think so.
by: Anonymous

I would say maybe 4 pounds there partner. I would suggest getting a fish scale, digital if possible, so you can get your weights proper.

Fish Scales
by: Jason

To kind of extend on what the Anonymous person commented on about getting a fish scale, our fish scales page can be found via the following link...


Simply copy and paste the web address into your browser's address bar and hit enter.

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