Huge Bass, Little Pond

Huge Bass, Little Pond

by Matthew Thibodeaux
(League City, Texas, United States)

6.5 Pound Largemouth Bass from the pond

6.5 Pound Largemouth Bass from the pond

May 27, 2011 - 8:00 AM. I started jigging a black 7" worm with my Abu Garcia Black Max rod and reel combo slowly across a rocky bottom when this largemouth bass destroyed my bait, and the fight was on. I was very surprised when I found this bass on the end of my line, taking into consideration that it was about a 2 acre, man made, neighborhood pond.

A Response for largemouth bass pond fishing:

Very nice catch Matthew! That's a beast for being a pond bass. It would be nice to see if you could catch her again later on when she packs on even more weight.

Thanks for sharing your bass fishing picture and story. Best of luck freshwater fishing. Regards, Jason.

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by: Anonymous

Nice Catch!
Nice Bass!
Nice Strategy!!!!!!

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