D.A.M. Quick Fishing Reels

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Learn a little about the company. And find out where you can find and buy some of the antique and vintage types of the old classic favorites.

D.A.M. stands for Deutshe Angelgeräte Manufaktur, which translates in English as "German fishing equipment manufactures". They are a company out of West Berlin, Germany that was founded in 1875.

DAM had succeeded as being the #1 fishing tackle manufaturing company in Europe for many years. Throught the years as history took it's course with economic eras, and the company changing ownerships a few times, the company has slightly fallen. Now under new ownership, they aim to becoming the best in Europe once again.

Construction Of D.A.M. Quick Reels

D.A.M. Quick fishing reels are very well made, but a bit heavy, which might be one reason why they aren't used as often any more. Another reason is because of their collective value to those who enjoy them for their vintage aspects. And because of their durable construction, they last for an extremely long time.

The older models are true machined types of reels and operate suprisingly very smoothly for reels that only contain a single ball bearing as opposed to more modern day reels that are packed with 4, 5, 6 or so ball bearings.

Dam quick reels are quite expensive to manufacture, and it shows from the durability and the quality of which that has been produced since the 19th century.

Other D.A.M. Tackle Items

The majority of the reels manufactured by D.A.M. have been spinning reels, but they have also been making fly reels and baitcaster reels. They also begun making carbon composite fishing rods. You might also be able to find some of their lures, but those seem to be scarcely rare overseas outside of Europe.

Do you own a DAM Quick Reel and looking for more information about them? Check out the questions and answers section regarding these DAM Fishing Reels.

Locate Vintage D.A.M. Quick Reels and Parts

Ebay is a great place to find D.A.M. Fishing Reels for sell. They seem to range anywhere from about $10 - $50 a piece, depending upon the model and the condition they're in.

Here's what's selling right now on Ebay

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D.A.M. Quick Fishing Reels

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