Three Screws For DAM Quick 220 Spinning Reel

by Lee Ayers
(Pocatello, ID)

I have a DAM Quick 220 spinning reel which I purchased in 1969. Never used... I'm left-handed, but I want to change the handle to the right-handed position because that's the hand I use.

The problem I have is the three screws that hold the handle plate onto the body of the reel were very hard to get loose and remove.

Now, I'm finding it's most difficult to get the screws back in through the plate. As a result of my efforts, the heads of each of three screws are bent.

I need three screws to replace the original ones, as well as any knowledge you have as to why the screws are so difficult to remove and put back in.

Can you help me? Cost for the screws and postage?

Thanks for your help!

~Lee Ayers

Admin's response:

Lee, I definitely understand how frustrating it can be with working on older equipment sometimes. And I admire your persistence to getting your nearly 50 year old DAM Quick 220 fishing reel in proper working order to accommodate your right handed retrieve preference.

My suggestion would be to check with your local hardware stores to see what they have. Take your reel, or maybe just the old screws, into the store with you so that you can get a perfect match. Typically, new screws that small should only cost just a few cents, I would think.

You could also try your luck shopping online for spinning reel screws if it's easier.


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